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What is the Definition of Fraud in Illinois?

Fraud charges are serious, but they can also be hard to prove. Don’t let the severity of the charges or the potential penalties stop you from getting the representation you deserve. Our Chicago fraud lawyers have extensive experience defending professionals from all types of fraud charges. Fraud cases are won and lost with documents and financial transactions. We have the financial expertise to understand evidence and analyze the prosecution’s case.

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  • Tax Fraud—Covers a wide range of offenses related to the payment or non-payment of taxes, including sales tax and state income taxes. They are especially scary for business owners as they combine both criminal and civil penalties with long years behind bars and fines in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, they can also be very difficult for the government to prove as they must show beyond a reasonable doubt that any alleged fraud was intentional.
  • Mortgage Fraud—Since the 2008 housing crisis, the various States Attorney’s offices across Illinois and the Illinois Attorney General have been paying special attention to professionals involved in real estate transactions and loans. Mortgage fraud can come in many varieties but usually involves making a material misrepresentation to lenders.
  • Medicare/Medicaid Fraud—The majority of Medicaid and Medicare fraud charges center on allegations of fraudulent billing, including billing for services not rendered, billing for unnecessary tests, procedures or medical equipment, and billing using codes for more expensive services, also known as upcoding. As with other types of fraud, the prosecution must show beyond a reasonable doubt the alleged fraud was intentional.
  • Bankruptcy Fraud—Business and personal bankruptcies are stressful and often complicated. Despite your best intentions, things can be missed. Unfortunately, this oversight can result in criminal charges alleging the concealment of assets.

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The Differences Between State & Federal Fraud

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The State of Illinois is serious about prosecuting fraud. Whether it is identity theft, mortgage fraud, or tax evasion, you can expect the state to come after you with the full force of the law, leaving you to face substantial jail time and hefty fines. Don’t let the severity of the charges or the potential penalties stop you from getting the representation you deserve. The Law Office of Stephen F. Hall has extensive experience defending individuals and businesses from all types of state fraud charges. We have the financial expertise to understand the evidence and analyze the prosecution’s case so that you can get the best outcome possible.

Defined as any intentional deception or misrepresentation used to benefit yourself or someone else, federal fraud is often charged as felonies and face harsher punishments. Fraud charges are brought in federal court if the fraudulent conduct violates federal law or attempts to gain benefits from federal agencies or programs. Mail fraud, wire fraud, or cases involving a large number of victims often will be charged as federal cases.

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At The Law Office of Stephen F. Hall, we see all our clients as people in need of vigorous defense of their freedoms. As a former first deputy county attorney and an experienced litigator, Mr. Hall is committed and passionate about every case he takes and will walk you through every step of the process. We even offer payment plans, as we never want money to be a factor as to why you don’t seek the dependable services we can provide.

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